Daniel Griffin Design

I design websites, motion graphics and everything inbetween.

Here are some examples of various designs I have done. If you would like to see more of any specific design type or have any questions you can send me an email by clicking here

Web Design

My goal and approach to web design is to give visitors an interactive experince that makes them want to click through and view the entire site. I usually start with a landing page that has interative elements with less information more stimulation. These pages also adhear to current SEO guidelines. The other site pages are usuall more familiar feel and are designed specifically for their content. (Not all links go to active sites, some use placeholder text at the request of the client)

Logo Design

Print Design

One of the things I enjoy doing very much is print and package design. Although I do love designing for display on screen there is something to be said about seeing your work in the phsyical. I have done a few print designs for the Bar Method. These are posters for a recent print campaign showing the fonder demonstrating some of the Bar Method's poses.

Simple. Clean. Elegant Design.

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